Spring Cleaning? Here's why your junk drawer should wait

Posted by Team HFM on May 02, 2016

Get started with 4 simple habits ** when you have your mail in hand each day:

  1. Open envelope for a quick recognition of all contents immediately
  2. Staple together inside contents (not junk mail inserts), including any return envelope
  3. Discard outside envelope - resist stuffing the contents back in
  4. Place contents into one of 4 distinct piles/trays/bins, for later handling based on priority:
      • Action Required
      • Action Optional (be ruthless about what is truly required vs discretionary)
      • Shred
      • File - Completed or No action needed

Filing Overwhelming? Read More... "Getting Your Financial House in Order" By Jeremy Vohwinkle

Electronically Inclined?

On your computer or electronic device, the same concept can work:

  • Action required
  • Action Optional
  • For deletion (in case it was read a bit too quickly the first time)
  • Must file - Completed or No action needed - (move to other topical folders later)

** Set yourself up for success:

Establish a permanent minimum 18” flat square space as close as possible to wherever you first enter your home and dump everything.  Establish that only the MAIL lands there.  Let everyone in the household know the plan.  Equip the space/nearby drawer with a dedicated stapler, box of staples, staple remover, and if possible, small portable shredder.

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