5 Habits to Keep Yourself Safer on the Web

Posted by Team HFM on June 06, 2017

There is no such thing as a fully safe service provider, vendor, device, application or security package that can protect you from your own security-damaging behaviors. Much is in your own hands, so develop a security mindset that takes responsibility for what you can control.

Spring Cleaning Time is Here...

Posted by Team HFM on May 04, 2017

QUICK: Without looking it up, can you answer these 3 questions?

2016 Wrap-up and Outlook for 2017

Posted by Team HFM on January 09, 2017

“Oh what a relief it is.” – Yes, after living through such a dismal market opening in 2016, seeing the S&P 500 up almost 1.5% during the first two trading days of 2017 certainly is a relief – particularly since it is added to the rally that started the morning after Election Day, which in total has added almost 7% to the index. Unfortunately, for as much as we hope to glean the full year’s performance from the initial trading days of a year, there is little if any predictive information there.