Smarter and Safer Travel

Posted by Team HFM on February 02, 2016

Are you ready for travel this year? Check out these helpful tips.

2015 Wrap-up and Outlook for 2016

Posted by Team HFM on January 06, 2016

On the opening day of 2016 the S&P 500 index had an inauspicious start, falling 1.5%, which erased the 1.4% gain for all of 2015 – not exactly what we were hoping for. Yet for all of the focus placed on the first day of the year, we don’t believe it is indicative for the year as a whole, despite the laundry list of reasons that suggest it could continue downward.

GIVE! But Before You Do: 3 Charitable Giving Tips

Posted by Team HFM on December 01, 2015

We hope these tips will make the giving season a little less stessful