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Please do not send confidential information or transaction requests via e-mail. (Privacy Policy).


It has come to our attention that a third-party scam is in operation, falsely and fraudulently using our firm’s name and address on the envelopes.

WARNING:   Our firm has no reason to be sending checks to our clients or other individuals!

A scammer is sending U.S. Priority Mail envelopes containing cashiers’ checks to people as the first step in a sophisticated multi-part deception.  The checks are either fake and non-negotiable, or real but drawn on stolen account numbers.  We understand that the next step in the scam may come via mail, email, text, or phone call.  The targeted victims are asked to “fix” the situation and end up revealing personal information such as a financial account number or social security number, mistakenly believing they are communicating with a bank representative or an honest individual.

We have received calls from persons who were targeted who have told us that the scam seems to have compiled its mailing lists from merchandise auction sites such as Craigslist, and dating sites, among others.  The scam targets people who may be expecting or hoping for a check for some reason. 

The scam is fraudulently using our company name and address in the mailing label Return Address so that any undeliverable mail comes to our office, rather than back to the scammers, to avoid their being tracked down by the victims or the authorities.

If you receive any such envelope containing a check, or any other questionable correspondence, email, text, or phone call regarding it, DO NOT DEPOSIT THE CHECK.  DO NOT ENGAGE with anyone who contacts you about it.   Either shred the check, or write VOID across the entire check and then retain it in your files in case you need it as proof of the fraud later should you experience a loss from the fraud or need it to file a report with authorities.

Our firm has filed reports/complaints about this fraudulent use of our name and address with the U.S. Postal Inspector, the (Federal Trade Commission for consumer protection), and Craigslist. 

Please always check the “Security” and “Privacy” pages of all websites you use, including their advisories about potential fraud and scams that may target users of their sites.

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