Employee Directory

Hartford Financial Management, Inc.
One Constitution Plaza, Hartford, CT 06103
Tel: 860-241-0028 or 800-288-2418

Anderson, Eric, CFA
Director of Equity Research & Senior Portfolio Manager
ebanderson (at) hfmonline (dot) com

Brundage, Laurence, CFA
Manager of Investment Services
lpbrundage (at) hfmonline (dot) com

Cohen, Ann
Managing Director
aecohen (at) hfmonline (dot) com

Jones, Lynn
Manager of Operations
lajones (at) hfmonline (dot) com

Nowitzke, Jen
Administrative Associate, Investment Operations & Accounting
jenowitzke (at) hfmonline (dot) com

Quiros, Kevin
Manager, Client Communications
kcquiros (at) hfmonline (dot) com

Quiros, R. Dario
rdquiros (at) hfmonline (dot) com

Simson, G. Barrett, CFA
Manager of Institutional Services
gbsimson (at) hfmonline (dot) com

Reynolds, James R., CFA, CFP®
Manager, Financial Planning & Portfolio Manager
jreynolds (at) hfmonline (dot) com

Dunn, Jeanine
Portfolio Administrator
jdunn (at) hfmonline (dot) com