Banks & Credit Unions

Grow Your Business 

At Hartford Financial Management Inc., we are able to develop successful strategies for your institution just as we have been doing for banks and credit unions for more than 25 years. When we manage your investment portfolio, your executive team has more time to focus on developing the core business.

Hartford Financial Management’s financial institution services are available to all U.S. banks and credit unions evaluating their resources and approach to the management of their investment portfolio.

Improve The Profitability Of Banks & Credit Unions  

Every company would like to be more profitable.  The trend for many banks and credit unions has been to rely increasingly on fees to generate a major portion of their net revenue. While additions to the bottom line are welcomed, in many cases an institution’s investment portfolio is not fully integrated into an organization’s management of its balance sheet, interest rate risk, and general capital planning.  As an independent registered investment adviser we are free to offer objective advice in these areas. We are neither brokers nor bond salespeople, so our viewpoint is aligned with yours, focused on improving the profitability of your institution.

Who Has The Time? 

We understand that every organization is unique in terms of the market it serves and the composition of its management team. Yet a common challenge for many institutions is simply the constraints of time. Investment management is a full-time job. When the responsibilities of managing a portfolio compete for time with other duties then it is likely that important elements, tasks, and other considerations in the investment process may be overlooked. Hartford Financial Management can give your portfolio the full-time attention required to improve its relevance and performance, and enhance your profitability.

Comprehensive Services 

Hartford Financial Management offers:

  • Investment Management
  • Balance Sheet Management
  • Interest Rate Risk Management
  • Capital Planning
  • Director Education