Anti-Scam Series Part 2 of 3

Posted by Team HFM on July 01, 2019

Financial scams occur every day and many people assume they are immune or that scams succeed only with the elderly, weak or ignorant.
NPR (National Public Radio) has dug deep into this topic and found that might not be the case. Listen to these clips from their Brains and Losses segment below.
If you missed Part 1 of Brains and Losses you can listen to it here.
Brains and Losses: Part II - Marketplace

From tech support scams to fake sweepstakes, fraudsters exploit victims' vulnerabilities to get access to bank accounts. We meet an active 79-year-old women in New Jersey, who was bilked out of $200,000 after a caller gained access to her computer.

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Brains and Losses: Part III - Marketplace

Isolation and loneliness can contribute to vulnerability to scams, but scientists are finding that general physical decline may also factor in. We spoke to researchers with preliminary evidence that the part of the brain responsible for detecting ...

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