Anti-Scam Series Part 3 of 3

Posted by Team HFM on August 05, 2019

Financial scams occur every day and many people assume they are immune or that scams succeed only with the elderly, weak or ignorant.
NPR (National Public Radio) has dug deep into this topic and found that might not be the case. Listen to these clips from their Brains and Losses segment below.
If you missed Part 1-3 of Brains and Losses or would like more information about their research and findings you can browse
Brains and Losses: Part IV - Marketplace

Financial scammers are part of coordinated efforts to target victims. The Federal Trade Commission took in more than a half a million complaints of imposter scams alone in 2018. But finding and convicting perpetrators is rare. Marketplace Morning ...

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Brains and Losses: Part V - Marketplace

Suspicious or unusual bank activity can often signal a scam; but should a teller be able to monitor a long-time account holder's ledger activity to flag a possible scam? A look at how financial institutions could be part of the solution.

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