Preparing To Age With Dignity

Posted by HFM Team on June 27, 2014

Strategies & Economics Of Caring For An Adult Family Member

Planning for debilitation and associated personal care needs can seem stressful and overwhelming. Evaluating long-term care needs and options at the time of incapacity exacerbates a very difficult situation. Familiarization with the topic can help tremendously. 

Our guest speakers from Connecticut Community Care, Inc. discuss tools and strategies you will need to prepare yourself and other family members. Familiarize yourself with a process that will leave you with a good foundation for considering the universe of options and fit.

Part of the process involves:

1) Identifying your "team."

2) Identify/quantify your "domain" of needs.

3) Maximizing your "resources" and options.

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Speakers from Connecticut Community Care, Inc: Gayle P. Kataja & Molly Rees Gavin