Anti-Scam Series Part 1 of 3

Posted by Team HFM on June 06, 2019

Could this happen to you? Financial scams occur every day and many people assume they are immune or that scams succeed only with the elderly, weak or ignorant.

Are you using all the help available to you?

Posted by Team HFM on May 11, 2019

Do you keep your paid financial advisor up to speed on impending developments or decisions in your life? A quick email can do a lot. Do you keep an open mind and give adequate weight to the advice you are receiving? The effect of not doing so can be meaningful and expensive. Where and when can our input save you money?

Market Commentary on Q1 2019

Posted by Team HFM on April 10, 2019

With first quarter of 2019 complete, here's a look back at these last three months: the markets, The Federal Reserve, and the economy.